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Our Credit Scores are used on over 120 million loads per year
Score your customer portfolio and prospective shippers
Flat Rate Collections
Less than 2% per Invoice
100% Money Back Guarantee
Your most Powerful & Comprehensive
Industry Specific credit report
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Everyone Knows how important your credit score is in determining financial transactions in your everyday life;
that is why TransCredit originated the Credit Score & Days-To-PayTM for the transportation industry in 1997.
Today our scores ride on more than 120 million loads
a year in the USA and Canada...

a service to more than 52,000 truck lines, freight brokers
factoring firms, railroads and air carriers.
"The Credit Score & Days-To-PayTM is included in every Premier Report-your most powerful and
comprehensive Industry Specific credit report.Name your specific industry within the realm of
transportation and your report will include a unique Credit Score & Days-To-PayTM."
We would never engage in business without first getting a credit check, and our preferred choice is TransCredit.
-Keith Daniels,CFO